Over the last dozen years customers have dramatically transformed how they receive information, and then make purchase decisions. Some data shows that 80% of Business-to-Business (B2B) transaction cycles are actually finished before the customer even speaks with a sales representative. For you to increase revenue, you need to change the way you reach and engage with potential customers. I can help your business and customer base grow by developing a tailored inbound marketing strategy - designed around the goal of lead-generation - that implements digital best practices.

Understanding Inbound

Inbound marketing focuses on the creation of unique relevant content that falls in line with potential buyers’ interests, and then distributing that content through various digital communication channels, such as email and social media marketing techniques, to pull people toward your company's products and services. Inbound marketing is the most effective marketing method for doing business online and according to HubSpot, inbound marketing practices produce 54% more leads than traditional outbound practices, such as direct mail and traditional advertising.

How Does This Work?

The trick to a great inbound marketing strategy is to develop a close understanding of who your target audience is, and what information might help them during the research/consideration phase of their shopping journey.  If you can really understand their unique point of view, you can create and distribute relevant and valuable content that attracts these people to your website. This unique helpful information often includes formats such as: eBooks, articles, infographics, recipes, guides, checklists, short videos, webinars etc.

Image: Courtesy of Hubspot

Image: Courtesy of Hubspot

To receive this valuable content, all incoming traffic must provide their contact information by converting on forms. When they do so, they become leads. Lead nurturing programs and contextual touches designed specifically to appeal to potential buyers at various stages of the buyer journey cultivate leads through the sales funnel until they are ready for your sales team to make contact.

"Inbound" is a strategy and approach that I have used successfully with several clients, across different categories. Outside of myself its a marketing method that has also worked for countless companies across nearly every industry - from healthcare to hospitality to homegoods and beyond. Last, but certainly not least, I am "Inbound Certified" via the HubSpot Academy, and you can see my badge below and view my certificate


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