Need inspiration for how to grow sales on your eCommerce site?

Need inspiration (or a new resource) for getting ideas on how to grow sales on your eCommerce site? Then you need to checkout what the website experts over at InFlow created. They produced four separate videos. Each video focuses exclusively on a specific retail brand - and its interesting to see the differences in platforms which each uses. This is an interesting pairing because we get to see two custom platform examples (see below) and two well-known tier-one providers: 

Wayfair powered by a custom platform
eBags powered by a custom platform
Charles Tyrwhitt powered by Demandware
BackCountry powered by Oracle Commerce

In each video they discuss what makes that site so great and worthy of their "Best in Class eCommerce List" title.  They are walk-thru evaluations and they point out what that brand did well and not so well,  from a conversion optimization point of view.


The 12 minute videos are detailed and in-depth. Each looks at the four basic categories associated with an ecommerce site, as InFlow sees it: orientation, navigation, destination and action pages.  The reviewers look at each webpage through the eyes of a customer and praise and critique what they find.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to use some of the ideas the reviewers highlight as inspiration when optimizing your own ecommerce site for sales.

Click HERE to checkout the videos